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We are Eficci, a leading consultancy in health strategy and innovation.
we can help you achieve the maximum efficiency for your business.
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We lead you on the path of innovation.
From process improvement to change management, we optimize your business with our 360-degree perspective
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At Eficci, we are our people

About us

Who we are
  • We are a team of professionals from diverse disciplines with solid experience in transforming service management environments.
  • We believe in the power of data and its analysis to enhance processes and establish strategies that boost management efficiency.
  • We add value to our clients through collaborative work and the development of intelligent solutions tailored to their needs.
At Eficci, we are our people
  • We are a team highly focused on efficiency and quality in providing services to our clients.
  • We propose solutions based on experience, integrity, and awareness to the issues within the sector.
Cecilia Loccisano’s Bio
  • Director and Founder of Eficci. An Cecilia is an Attorney specialized in HelathCare Systems Administration and Social Security, with extensive experience in managing Federal Funds applied in this environment. Eisenhower Fellow.
  • Linkedin.
How can we help you?

Prevention Campaigns

Prevention Campaigns
• General design and planning
• Cost analysis and projection
• Predicting service risk
• Measuring results

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics
• Consumer profiling
• Identification of known and unknown consumption patterns
• AI-powered predictive models
• Prescriptive models
• Churn analysis
• Automations

Procedure Manuals

Procedure Manuals
• Collaborative construction
• Identification and analysis of improvement opportunities
• Change management
• Training

Data Management

Data Management
• General design and planning of data management
• Design and development of tailored BI dashboards for strategic analysis
• Design and development of DWH solutions
• Data quality

Medication Procurement

Medication Procurement
• Design and planning of the procurement system
• Intelligent analysis of consumption, costs, and projections
• Identification of replacement technologies
• Alternative purchasing/quotation models
• Results tracking

Change Management

Change Management
• Participatory digital transformation
• Collaborative strategy and change planning
• Designing intelligent processes with information technology-based innovation
• Objective-based management and results measurement
• Training for operational/technical teams

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